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Travel around the world, meet new people and become acquainted with new cultures are the dreams of so many of us. But unfortunately, because of life’s conditions a lot of people can’t realize these dreams or at times, have to postpone it. I am performing these dreams and I need your support in this path.

I have had the chance to visit more than 210 cities in 43countries and 3 continents as of now. My latest travel was in Asia for 8 months. I went out with my own savings and family support. As far as I’m concerned, I am trying to avoid spending my expenses on things and luxuries. In my blog Aroundtogether,I try to tell my readers about the places I visited and on my Youtube channel, try to show them the videos I took in these places.

I would appreciate your support to me, in any way. If you want to be part of this adventure, here are some ideas:

Moral Support!

I would be very pleased to receive a “Hello” message from a person I do not know. It will encourage me to support, share and interpret in this way as you read my articles, after seeing different pictures I took in different parts of the world, or after watching a video I shot. I am always open to your criticism and suggestions.

Talk About Me

One of the easiest ways to help me is to talk about me with your partners, your friends and your families. This is exactly what Aroundtogether is aiming for, connect with my readers through writing, photos and videos.It would be nice to share what you see in my blog and help attract more interest!

Financial support

I traveled with my own savings. I try to reduce my expenses with Couchsurfing and Help tools such as HelpX. If you would like to support, you can order a coffee or dinner during my trip, and you can support my next adventure. I want you to know that I won’t forget to talk about you in my writings and videos.

In the meantime the next adventure: Travel to Armenia, Kazakhstan, South Korea

Anyone with financial support, I can send a postcard that will make you feel as if you are participating in a trip from the desired country or city.

IBAN number for sending money by bank transfer:


IBAN: TR50-0001-2001-2110-0023-0015-44 (Halk Bank)


Account Number: 1211-23001544


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