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Kharkiv Gezi Rehberi

Kharkiv Travel Guide

By the night train I got on in Odessa, I travel to Kharkiv. Actually I was planning to go to Donetsk instead of Kharkiv. But I changed my mind and... Devamı...
Ukrayna’ya Gitmeniz İçin 10 Sebep

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine

No visa issue The biggest problem of a Europe trip begins with visa application process. You need to collect many documents for a visa. They never forget to demand your... Devamı...

Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv is one of the most visid cities in Ukraine. It is a must-see place with its big parks, cheap restaurants and crazy night life. It is also very close... Devamı...

Odessa City, Ukraine

I get off from the bus in a place near Odessa city center which I took in Uman. Then I begin to search the hotel I booked on The... Devamı...
Uman Gezi Rehberi

Uman City, Ukraine

After a good sleep, I say "hello" to my last day in Kyiv. After breakfast, it is time to leave the hotel. I will arrive to the bus terminal by... Devamı...
Savaş zamani Ukrayna'ya Gitmek Kiev

Kyiv (Kiev) Travel Guide

My Kyiv visit coincided with the protests against the government in Ukraine. At first, I thought of cancelling the visit but than I changed my mind. So, what happened in... Devamı...

Information About Ukraine

Name Of The Country: UKRAINE Capital City: Kyiv Acreage: 603.628 km2 Location: It is located in Eastern Europe, in the coast of Black Sea and between Poland and Russia. Population:... Devamı...

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