| Who am I?

Who am I?


My name is Emir Aşkın. I was born in Havza, Samsun, Turkey and I am the first child of a government employed family. I have finished my elementary and high school in Samsun. During my high school, I did not have any hobby except using auto stop and going to Gümüşhane (the city where my parents were born) during summer holidays. I lived a routinary life ofhome-school-home until I entered the University.

As I went to Bulgaria in 2007, meeting new people, visiting, and discovering new places became an undeniable desire. I had the chance to visit some of Europe’s countries while I was studying in the University but after a while, my hunger to see new places other than Europe just heightened. Europe’s countries, cities, and even people became too common! Whispering by myself, I thought I must visit new continentsso I got a ticket to Fas as my first distant travelin Africain 2012.

Post university and entering the workforce, I didn’t have enough time to travel but couldn’t hide the desire to visit new places and meet new people. I was always in a situation where I open the map and start to create new routes.

Finally in 2014, when both my money and time are ready and the bells of Crimean warstarted to ring, the trip toward Kiev became a reality.

Because of my new job, I moved from Samsun to Istanbul after two years then started to travel around Asia. For this, I resign myself from my job.

Here goes what I have done within 8 months in 14 countries:

  • I had ashower above elephants in Mekong delta in Vietnam.
  • I found peace in thousand years old temples in Cambodia.
  • I saw the horror of war in Laos.
  • I swam with Sharks in the Philippines.
  • I walked for a while under Masson’s rains.
  • I had breakfast at the sight of 2000 years old rice fields.
  • I met the world’s longest necked women.
  • I spent hours traveling by coached buses.

The list actually goes on and on but … It’s never too late for you guys to read my texts and start moving. I traveled with no sponsors, only with my Family’s support and own income. More than 165 cities and 42 countries and still counting! :)

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