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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

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On my second day in Singapore, I went to Gardens by the Bay who fascinated me and made me feel in a different world. If you plan to travel to Singapore, you should spend 1 day here. Gardens by the Bay was built by an English company which won the competition held by Singapore government in 2006. At the end of the year 2011, it was opened to visitors with all of its magnificence.

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Gardens By The Bay is a huge park which was built on a 101 hectare field  and has about 280 thousands of plant types. This huge park consists of 3 main fields.

  • Bay South Garden
  • Bay East Garden
  • Bay Central Garden

Bay South Garden

Gardens by the Bay’s biggest section Bay South Garden was built on a 54 hectare field. Bay South Garden has 2 huge glass greenhouses, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and a section in which huge trees (Supertrees) are shown.

Flower Dome

In Flower Dome, which is in a 1,200 m² showcase, soft, dry and semi tropical climate environments were formed. The trees and flowers from Mediterranean, South America, South Africa, Australia and trpical climate zones are shown inside it. The trees and flowers are classified regarding to their environment.


Cloud Forest

The most interesting and fascinating section of the oark is Cloud Forest, the second section of Bay South Garden which is in a 800 m² showcase. Inside that showcase, the plants from Southeast Asia, Midlle and South America which can live on 2500 meters above the sea level are shown.

42 meter high Cloud Mountain is the biggest indoor waterfall of the world. I watched it for minutes from below it before I went up. You can choose the walkway or the elevator while climbing on top of it.

singapore-cloud mountain

My advice to you is using the walkway while going up. You can see the plants living at sea level at the bottom of Cloud Mountain. As you climb, the plants are changing. The middle floor is called “Secret Garden”. Here you can see the plants living by the rivers in Fiji and New Zealand. The top floor of Cloud Mountain is called Lost World. In that section, carnivorous plant and thorny exotic plants are shown.


Thanks to the human made trees in Bay South Garden, you feel like in the movie “Avatar”. These are 20-25 meter high, fantastic supertrees which are made of steel. These trees are fascinating when they are lighted in the evening but they are not only for decoration. 11 of those 18 trees collect the sunlight and that energy is used for the lights of Gardens by the Bay. At the top of the trees, the rain drops are collected. That water is used for watering the gardens and the waterfall in Cloud Forest.


You should not miss the excellent light and music shows in the evenings which are called Garden Rapsodi. There are 2 shows every evening which start at 19:45 and 20:30.

OCBC Skyway

There is a 128 meter long and 22 meter wide walkway between supertrees wich is called OCBC Skyway. If you want to walk on Skywalk, you have to buy a ticket first. Then you take the elevetor and climb on to the tree. To walk on Skyway, you have to pay 8 Singapore Dollar S$.


Gardens By The Bay

Gardens by the Bay consists of 3 sections. Some of them are free. For the other ones, you have to buy tickets. The prices of them and visiting hours are below:

Bay South Outdoor Gardens:

Entrance Fee: Free

Visiting Hours: Everyday 05.00-02.00

Cloud Forest and Flower Dome:

There are seperate tickets for both section. If you buy both once, it is cheaper.

Entrance Fee: 28 S$ – Children (Age 03-12) 15 S$

Visiting Hours: Everyday 09.00-21.00

OCBC Skyway

The Supertrees section is free. If you want to climb on trees, you have to pay a price.

Entrance Fee: 8 S$ – Children (Age 03-12) 5 S$

Visiting Hours: Everyday 09.00-21.00

Where Is Gardens By The Bay and How To Go There?

In order to go to Gardens by the Bay, you have to take the ring services which depart from B exit gate after you arrive to Bayfront subway station. The ring service costs 3 S$. Another option is walking on the bridge (Lions Bridge) in front of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. (The bridge is open at between 08.00 and 23.00)

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