| 10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine

Ukrayna’ya Gitmeniz İçin 10 Sebep

No visa issue

The biggest problem of a Europe trip begins with visa application process. You need to collect many documents for a visa. They never forget to demand your bank account to have a certain amount of money. It is another problem whether your visa application results in a good or bad way. Fortunately, we don’t have such a problem for Ukraine! You just need a passport.

The people who have visited Europe are aware of this. We constantly need to arrange finances. Everything is two or three times more expensive compared to ours. The situation is pathetic, especially nowadays in which Euro have reached the peak. You won’t have a finance arrangement problem in Ukraine. Because everything is cheap.


There is a war ongoing in Southern Ukraine. As a person who visited the country during the warfare, I can say that there are no security issues. You can comfortably tour this country in the midnight. You can witness that many women in the streets are alone on their way home in the midnight.

Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square)

The symbol of the square is the “Liberty” monument. Apart from being a square in which the tourists visit for taking pictures, it is also a meeting point for Ukranians. Independence Square is the foremost among the places to visit in Kyiv.

Andryevskiy Cathedral

The cathedral is so magnificent that I would bet that it will impress you even before you enter it. The cathedral was built between 1747 and 1754 by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Don’t forget to stop by Lviv Handmade Chocolate at the end of the street.

Klevan Love Tunnel

The Love Tunnel which is located on Klevan town in Ukraine, is a popular destination for taking romantic pictures. The railway is still in use. Woods are being transported three times in a day to a nearby factory.

Odessa Catacombs

Catacombs, in other words underground city. During World War 2 was it a  resort for Partisans. The catacombs which are about 40 km away from the city of Odessa, are formed of 3 floors and reach down to 16 meters beneath the surface. You can find anything you look for such as hospitals, schools, kitchens or churches.

Lviv Opera Building

Lviv Opera House, one of the most beautiful opera buildings in Europe, is in fact the symbolic building of the city. The construction was started in 1897 by the architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski and it still stands with all its magnificance.

Ukranian Girls

Most of the girls are really very beautiful and well-groomed. You can not see any poorly groomed Kyiv woman. They are very nice and they never lose their elegance. When you want to become acquainted with them, you can be sure that you will mostly get a kind response from them.

Night Life

There are no concept of Friday or Saturday for night life. You can witness that night clubs are always full every night. You will be told that no singles are allowed when they understand that you are a foreigner. But money talks in this country for every problem.

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