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Travel Mobile Applications

There are mobile applications that let you travel with breeze. I wrote down 13 that I personally use and found very useful. Through time and constant advancements in technology, it is possible to increase the number of these mobile applications.

1.Google Map-Offline Map

If you do not plan to buy internet packages like me in the countries you are going to, and you do not want to chase WiFi in the cafes, Google Maps’ Offline mode will do a lot of work. The only thing you need to do is save the maps of the places (e.g. museums, bars, your internet reservation or the location of the hotel restaurant) you want to go. When you do not have access to the Internet, with the help of GPS,you can find your location and easily reach your destination.

offline map

2.Hotel Booking

The name of the application I used the first time before leaving Yola is It is the best application for overseas and domestic accommodation shows the price of hotel options, the number of stars/rating, the type of facilities,and guest reviews. The best option is to search through map. Payment options are divided into two as advance payment and hotel payment. Many hotels have free bookings and cancellation options until a certain time. If you reach the Genius membership, you will have access to special discounts, welcome drinks, and late check-out options.

3.CouchSurfing – Accommodation

Couchsurfing, the world’s largest social travel community, is one of the most beautiful ways to explore different cultures. Do not think of CS as just free accommodation. You can learn cultures closely by staying at the home of your visiting family. If you think I can not be comfortable at someone else’s house, think again. CS lets you browse cities and find somebody you can drink coffee together easily. It is the application that I use actively in my trips.


4.Xe Currency- Currency Converter

If you always get dizzy on foreign currency exchanges, this app is for you. This application translates all the currencies over the world at the daily rate. You can even get the Turkish Lira foreign currency equivalent of your expenditures instantly.

money change app

5.TripAdvisor – Travel Guide

You can search for hotels, airplane tickets, and restaurants in the country you want to go to. You can check if your desired location is affordable and if not, look for alternative destinations. The most important feature of this application is the wide availability of user reviews and scorecards that can help you find the best hotel in your destination. Comments in the application can be automatically translated into your own language but you can always read them in their original language.

6.Evernote – Notepad

Evernote is actually a notebook. Before you go to the hotel you will find your hotel reservations, your travel suggestions, the list of places you want to see, your passwords and much more. When you start to use it, you will get rid of small note papers to avoid forgetting or misplacing them. In fact, not just during travel, but an application you can use every moment of your life. If you want, you can get it for Premium membership by paying about  15 US $

notes for travel


This mobile application the recommendation of a friend I met in Hong Kong. It is easy to use. You choose the country or city you want to go to, and within a few seconds, your phone has a guide for that city. When you open the guide, you can get detailed information about hotels, tourist attractions, best places to eat and drink, nightlife, and other activities. This is indeed an application that you must download before you start traveling.

8.Google Translate-Translation

This mobile application is a life saver for people who want to travel but do not know a foreign language. If you go to a country where you do not know the language at all, you can use this digital translator to see the translation of words just by typing them. You can also download this to your phone and use it offline. While this has shortcomings in translation of European languages to Turkish, there are still great benefits of using this application when communicating with locals.

offline language

9.Cheap Flights with Skyscanner

This free mobile application helps you find the best flight among thousands of flights. It’s user-friendly compared to other applications with date, transfer, price, and many filtering features. For those who cannot decide where to go, this offers the most affordable flights worldwide.

10.Accuweather – Weather

The website and mobile application, serving more than 100 dailies, is being used by about 1.5 billion people and is helping to estimate long-term weather forecasts. You can even predict your location’s rainfall in a minute. This way, you will not forget bringing an umbrella or sun cream with you while you’re out. This mobile application offers everything up to the finest detail.

11.Grab – Transportation

This mobile application lets you call a taxi in more than 50 countries, with it being widely used in Asia. You just type your destination and it tells you the estimated price. If you are in a traffic and do not know how to travel in a foreign country, you can call a taxi at fixed price.With this mobile application, you can see the price you will pay before you take the taxi. After you call the taxi, the information on the taxi’s license plate and the car’s model will be shown on your phone’s screen. Depending on the cities, there are different great discounts. If you ask me, you should download and try it.

taxi app

12.Airbnb – Accommodation

Are you looking for cheap accommodations in your destinations? Depending on your preferences, you can choose from over 200,000 apartment or room listings worldwide and choose the one that suits your budget and make your holiday a home comfort. Through this application, you can rent a room or even a whole house.

13.Tinder – Getting New Friends

This is a very useful mobile application in a country where you are a stranger. This application is for you if you want to meet new people. It is an application used by approximately 50 million people every month in the world.

make online friend

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