| Brasov City, Romania

Brasov City, Romania

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Brasov is a city located in Trasilvania region of Romania and has a population of 300 thousand. It is the seventh biggest city of the country. It is visited by the tourists in every season. One of the reasons of Brasov’s big fame is Bran Castle, the castle of Dracula. It attracts many tourists who likes to do winter sports since it is near the Karpat mountains.

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After visiting Dracula’s castle, we keep going on our way in order to see the Brasov city center. It is a big city center. You can comfortably tour the city in one whole day.

Brasov was established by the Hungarian King  in 12th century. It was built by the Germans who were placed to the city. They kept living here for centuries until Communist regime began to rule Romania. Including Black Church, many historic buildings in the city were built by the Germans who lived here.


When you arrive Brasov, first things that will attract your attention are the mountain in the middle of the city and the Brasov sign on the top of it, similar to the one in Hollywood. Brasov is a greenish and historic city which is located just near the Karpat mountains. You have to walk here so much in order to see the history and feel it. Thus, you can go back to the Middle Age by walking in narrow streets which were built in 14th and 15th centuries.

Places To Visit In Brasov

  1. Council Square
  2. Brasov Streets
  3. Medieval Stayla
  4. Black Church
  5. White Tower
  6. Strada Republicii Avenue
  7. Nicholas Church
  8. Temple Hill

Council Square

You can start your Brasov tour by visiting the Medieval Stayla in the Council Square which is located at the city center. The historic buildings in Old Town and the structures which have interesting stories are really well preserved.

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Black Church

One of the most beautiful buildings of the city is Neagra which means Black Church. This enormous church is the most interesting church among the ones that I visited until now. The construction of the castle took about 100 years. After that, it has been rebuilt many times due to attacks and fires. The biggest carpet collection of Europe is in this church. One of the 118 carpets is a Turkish carpet. There is also a historic organ in the church. Do not think of a small organ. The second floor of the church is completely an organ. It is rumoured that only few people  can play this organ. If you are lucky, you may listen to it while you are there.


A part of the church is used as an exhibit. The Virgin Mary statue in the church has also an interesting story. The color of the dress of the Virgin Mary statue never changes even wiped. I do not know if it is true. It is up to you to believe it or not.

Working Hours:

Closed every Monday

Between May – October  10:00 – 19:00

Between November – April 10:00 – 15:00

White Tower

After leaving the church, you can climb the towers in the hills in order to see the Brasov city landscape. There are 2 towers in the city. These are White and Black Towers. They are constructed in order to be able to watch the attacks of the Turks and Tatarians. It is a nice place where you can see the beautiful landscape of the city and take pictures of Black Tower which rises in the middle of the city.

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Strada Republicii Avenue

The city’s most crowded and beautiful avenue is Strada Republicii. This avenue is closed to traffic. There are many nice restaurants and cafes. You can have a good time here. People come here in the summer and spend time until late night.


St. Nicholas Church

Another place to visit in Brasov is St. Nicholas Church. It was built in 1292. It was also mentioned In a Vatican inscription published by Pope Boniface IX in 1399. Despite the church was damaged over time, it was rebuilt with stones by local people.. In 1512, the famous Romanian author Neagoe Basarab contrbuted to the church and helped it to remain until today. Saint Nicholas Church iniatially was built in a Gothic style and then it was renovated with the figures of Baroque architecture style

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Temple Hill

If you want, you can climb to Temple Hill, on which the Brasov sign is located. After a 2,5 minute telpher ride, you reach the top of the hill. It is possible to walk up to the Brasov sign. It is a place where you can view the city from above. You can return to the city on foot, if you don’t want to use the telpher. If you prefer that, it means that this walk will take about 2 hours.

Working Hours: 09:30 – 18:00

One Way : 20 Lei (1 Euro = 4,5 Lei )


Where Is Brasov and How To Go There?

Brasov is in the middle of Romania. It is 170 km away from Bucharest. Brasov is surrounded by Karpat mountains and is a part of Transilvania region. I traveled to Brasov by car. If you want to travel to Brasov from Bucharest, you can take the train. It is possible to travel to Brasov from Gara de Nord train station in Bucharest with a 2,5 hour train journey. Other visitors that I met in Brasov said that the trains are empty and comfortable and the landscape is beatuiful. You would not get bored while you were passing through the mountains anyway. You can go to the city center by the buses departing near Gara Brasov, the train station in Brasov.

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